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First and foremost, if you want to ask questions about rssh, then you should post on the mailing list, and you should not send them to me directly. If you do send them to me directly, I'll ignore you. I promise. The only exception is if you are writing about a security issue, or a potential security issue. These should be sent directly to me, so that we can determine what, if anything, should be done about the problem before the general public is notified. You must sign up for the mailing list in order to post.

If you are writing about something other than rssh, or you want to discuss an rssh-related security issue, then you can e-mail me at this address:

When you do write, try to make good use of the subject line. If I can't easily distinguish your mail from spam, I will most likely delete it without giving it a second thought (or looking at it). For example: a subject line of THIS IS NOT SPAM, or hello from Jim will almost certainly get your mail deleted as spam. By contrast, a subject line of mutt patches, or Unix permissions vs. ACLs will probably get my attention. This e-mail address serves primarily as a contact point for software and technical essays that I've written, so most probably any e-mail of a non-technical nature which I receive at that address will be filtered into a spam folder. I review that folder, but not very carefully. You've been warned.

If you know me personally, and you want to write me about non-technical topics, then you probably have my personal e-mail address already. If you don't, you can write me at this address, and ask me for it. A subject line including something like e-mail address will be helpful. Sorry for the hastle, but please blame the spammers, not me. =8^)